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In a conventional classroom setting, it is usually observed that, due to an inordinate focus on academic excellence, very few kids are looked upon as achievers. The rest of the students run the risk of spiraling into self-doubt, as their academic abilities become the sole determinant of their social worth and competence.

Our system lacks exposure to co-curricular activities, which play a pivotal role in shaping a child's personality and building his/her confidence.

At The Staircase Education, we believe that all learners have the potential to be self-aware, confident, visionary leaders of the future when provided the right platform to showcase their talent and passion. 

We focus on building among learners; the skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and emotional intelligence- by exposing them to co-curricular activities like public speaking, theater, film-making, photography, entrepreneurship, and sports. 

We believe that all these exposure pieces will enable them to become confident, self-aware, successful, and visionary leaders of tomorrow.




These programs are designed for the learners in a way where an expert conducts trainings for them in a physical space such as a classroom or a common room in the community. These are full- length, comprehensive programs spread across a minimum of 3 months. The main aim of these programs is to train the learners in detail regarding the selected life skill and give them maximum exposure opportunities with individual feedback to develop their subject expertise.


These programs are designed for the learners looking for a quick orientation to new concepts. These are executed in the form of 4-5 hour long online workshops  by expert tutors.



Akash Kinariwala


Akash holds 7 years of corporate experience, and has associated with companies like Jindal Stainless Limited, XSEED Education, Pearson Education and Oxford University Press. With a vision to understand education at the grass-root level, he left the corporate world to join Teach for India's Fellowship program in 2018, where he taught 87 kids of Grade 6 and Grade 7 in a low income private school at Ahmedabad for 2 years. In the second year of his Fellowship, he along with his co-Fellow, Neel Duttaroy, initiated the Staircase project, which they later converted into an organization that could drive greater change in the existing education system.
Akash believes in social transformation through education, and in creating a legacy. He intends to do this by developing a system which continuously produces great, visionary, and courageous leaders, who will take the lead in making the universe a sustainable place to live in.

Neel Duttaroy

Program Advisor

Neel is a Teach For India alumnus, who taught in a Government school for two years, as part of the Teach For India Fellowship. He has a Master's  degree in International Relations and Political Science. He loves reading, learning, and debating about global and domestic politics and the impact it has on people’s lives. He was introduced to public speaking for the first time in 5th grade, and since then, he follows oratory as his passion. He has trained more than hundreds of school and college students in Model United Nations and public speaking for almost half a decade. The skill gap in our academic curriculum led him to initiate Staircase with Akash in their second year of Fellowship.
He believes in building a more sustainable skill-oriented curriculum and making it accessible to the youth of this country.

Raveena Chandnani

Content & Training Intern

Raveena is a Teach For India Fellow, who teaches 47 kids in a Government school in Ahmedabad.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration along with a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. She is passionate about reading, watching documentaries, and feminism. She began public speaking in kindergarten, and has been representing her academic institutes in several inter-school and inter-college oratory platforms ever since.  She is someone who views education as the means to create a just, more equitable, sustainable society, and strongly shares the values that  The Staircase Education holds.
Raveena believes in providing each kid with an opportunity to rise and shine.

Ruchika Sen

Advertising and Social Media Intern

Having done her Bachelor's in Mass Communication, currently, Ruchika is pursuing post-graduation from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, with specialization in Advertising and Public Relations. She has worked with Hindustan Times, Graphisads Pvt. Ltd. and Ithaka before joining The Staircase Education. Having worked on numerous design projects till now, graphic design is something that helps her express herself well. Passionate and competent, Ruchika believes in being a part of the solution rather than the problem.


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